Trek to Tagafari, Minapin, Nagar Valley, Gilgit baltistan, Pakistan

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Rakaposhi Basecamp is a beautiful place to visit in the Karakoram Mountains. Visit our site to learn about the best places to stay, sights to see, and hiking trails. Experience the thrill of climbing the legendary Rakaposhi in Pakistan.

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Experience Rakaposhi's stunning glacier views – a breathtaking spectacle of frozen artistry located along Rakaposhi Basecamp minapin.

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Rakaposhi basecamp
Rakaposhi basecamp
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Rakaposhi basecamp tour

It will start from Minapin and will be completed within a full day.

Rakaposhi and Diran Basecamp tour

It will start from Minapin and will be completed within 2 days.
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Rakaposhi and Diran Basecamp Tour

Here we will visit the Rakaposhi Basecamp and Diran Basecamp in 3 days.
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Frequently Ask Questions

Answers of your questions

It is located in Nagar valley , Northern areas of Pakistan.It has 3300m treck from Minapin village of Nagar valley.

Rakaposhi has height of 7788 meters. The height of its Tagafari basecamp is almost 3300 meters.

Minapin is a beautiful village of Nagar valley. It is the starting point of Tagafari Basecamp of Rakahposi.

The name of Rakaposhi base camp is Tagafari. It is located at the height of 3300 meters.

Weather Overview: Best Rakaposhi Travel Times
This trip is best from mid-May through September.

We traveled in the latter week of May, with warm days and cold nights. We had continual rain on day three. Though massive, the glacier was easy to climb. In summer, the terrain may be harder.

Rakaposhi is known for its summer avalanches. You'll feel safe in the base camp, but you may hear and see these natural phenomena.

It depends on the time of tour. Usually the 2 week tour costs between $1300 to $1500. Similarly one week tour has half costs. 

It depends on the experience and stamina of the trekker. Usually the beginner trekkers do it in 3 days but it is doable in 2 days even people reaches Rakaposhi base camp in 1 day. 

A big number of tourists visits Rakaposhi every year. According to sources it is in thousands. The tourist may include international tourists as well as national tourists.

It is located in Pissan village of Nagar valley along Rakaposhi Basecamp.

From Minapin, the walk to Rakaposhi Glacier/Base Camp is about 10 kilometers long and gains about 1,400 meters in elevation. It took us about five to six hours to finish this hike. When you get to the spot, you can rent tents and blankets and get food.

Rakaposhi is famous for the huge amount of height it gains over the surrounding scenery. From the Hunza River, it goes up to 5,900 meters (19,357 ft) in just 11.2 km (7 mi) of flat land to the north. As you drive through Nagar on the Karakoram Highway, you can catch glimpses of Rakaposhi.

No it is not too difficult to climb. it has almost 10 kms trek with 1400 meters elevation. it usually takes 6 hours to climb.

At base camp, there are three to four local staff members living for every foreign hiker.

It is located in Karakorum mountain range.It is located in northern areas of Pakistan.

Rakaposhi is climbed by Mike Banks and Tom Patey in 1958.


In Gilgit-Baltistan, some of the most famous peaks are in the Skardu District. These include Baltoro Muztagh, K2 (Mount Godwin-Austen), which is 8,611 meters tall and the second-highest peak in the world, the Gasherbrums, which are between 7,932 and 8,080 meters high and rank 12th to 17th in the world, and Masherbrum, which is 7,821 meters tall and the 22nd-highest peak in the world.

It is ranked 27th highest mountain in the world and 12th highest in Pakistan.

It means Snow Covered. It is also known as Dumani which mean "Mother of Mist" or "Mother of Clouds"

Dumani is another name o Rakaposhi which means "Mother of Mist" or "Mother of Clouds"

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